2016: June 17 - FNRttC Brighton

The return of the original Friday Night Ride to the Coast destination! 

We've no idea how many FNRttC to Brighton there has been over the years, although 10 years ago you could fit all the participants into a Mini. Somewhere we've got a photo of us lined up on the sea front* (not of the Mini). Some of us have less hair now, whilst others seem to have more. Not sure how that works.

Ride Leader Adam is holding his cards close to his chest in a (futile?) attempt to deliver surprise and delight on the night! He has however let a few kittens out of the bag:
  • We won't go along Lonesome Lane...
  • ...nor we will go up Portnalls Road, as there's a more picturesque alternative which isn't as steep, and has only 60% of the total climbing.
  • We don't go down Reigate Hill either...
  • ...there are some lovely fast downhills though.
  • Also, Ditchling Beacon is all smooth tarmac.
  • All this hill avoidance notwithstanding**, do bear in mind that, especially due to Ditchling Beacon (which cannot sensibly be avoided), the Brighton ride has more overall climbing than the Shoreham route enjoyed in May. 
Whet your appetite? 

As ever, the ride will depart Hyde Park Corner at midnight. Do please arrive by 11.40pm to check in and listen and even participate in the safety briefing.

Register your interest: BRIGHTON SIGN-UP FORM

© Tim Hall 2012.

* Editor's Note:  Found it!
** Where is the real life "No Hills" Adam and what have you done to him??!