2016: May 20 - FNRttC Shoreham-by-sea

And now for something (almost) completely different – the Friday Night Ride to Shoreham. (That’s the one by the sea, not the one by the M25.)

The ride is about 60 miles long, although there are a number of short, slightly steep hills, but nothing too extreme.

Old timers amongst you may recall the FNRttC visiting Shoreham-on-Sea in 2008. (In fact, there may possibly still be one or two still waiting to get served breakfast in the pub, which is why we haven’t returned until now.) However, we now have a lovely route setting out from Hyde Park Corner and heading south through the delightful suburbs of Balham and Tooting where we can enjoy the varied nightlife before skirting Mitcham and then through Coulsdon and then finally emerging into the darkness of Portnalls Road before experiencing the woosh downhill to Reigate where we then veer off on quaint backroads to our halfway stop. 

Once again, Mark at The Cabin in Faygate will be opening up for us.

Suitably refreshed, we’ll emerge blinking with surprise at the brightening sky before climbing (sorry) Tower Road. If it’s a warm night, we may stop awhile by a lake to admire swooping bats catching their prey before continuing our journey south through sleeping hamlets and long stretches of open roads where you may spot Lancing College. (Some may think this is a castle, whilst others may not see it at all.) Our journey of discovery will end after carefully crossing the A27 and then following the perimeter of Shoreham Airport (also known as Brighton Airport!), to arrive at the stunning art deco terminal where we’ll go round to the front to have breakfast.

The ride will depart Hyde Park Corner at midnight so please aim to arrive by 11.40pm to check in and listen and even participate in the safety briefing.

To apply to join this ride, please complete the Shoreham Night Ride Application Form.