2016: July 22 - Newhaven

** Please note, there is no longer an option to extend the ride on to Paris, thanks to the ferry company's refusal to make more bicycle space available!  This Ride is now a Classic FNRttC from London to Newhaven. **

Yet another Friday excursion to a charming English seaside resort on the South Coast – this time we’ll ride to lovely Newhaven.*

We’ll leave Hyde Park Corner at midnight, depart via Farthing Downs and use the 24-hours McDonalds at Gatwick Airport as a halfway stop. The ride will be around 60 miles and flatter than the Brighton route, as it avoids Ditchling. However, getting across the North Downs and Turners Hill will still entail some climbing.

You can request to join the ride by using the Web link below and completing the Registration Form.


* Actually, while Newhaven is lovely (honest!), it’s not its primarily touristic charm that is attracting us, but the ferry connection to France. A lucky few of us will temporarily leave the Great British Summer behind and ride on to the City of Love over the weekend. Unfortunately, the ferry company is not really interested in doing business with cyclists and was only willing to sell about 4.5 tickets, which sold out quickly.

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