2017: August 4 - Manchester to Morecambe

This ride is 65 miles long and we head out of Manchester to Bury and then Tottington. This part of the ride is mostly up long, gradual climbs on urban roads.

After Tottington we climb onto the moors above Egerton. Apart from one short, steep ramp, the gradients are relatively benign and the roads are very quiet.

We reach 350m above sea level before a long, long descent to Blackburn and the (not quite) half-way stop at the McDonalds in Whitebirk.

Suitably refreshed, we have a further brief spell of suburbia, before another epic descent to Ribchester. This is followed by the last significant climb of the ride, the drag to Longridge.

The rest of the route is best described as "rolling" and we tend to ride this as a fairly compact group. 

Weather permitting, we'll skirt Lancaster by using the coastal path and head to Morecambe by the bike route built on an old railway line.

After pictures with Eric, we'll return to Lancaster for breakfast in a Wetherspoons. It's about 5 minutes by bike from the station.

It's the same procedure as last year, the same procedure as every year.

Ride Leader: Andrew

Register for the ride by e-mailing: manchester-morecambe@outlook.com with the following details: 
  • your name
  • CTC/BC/LCC membership number (for insurance purposes)
  • your 'phone number
  • an emergency contact number
  • confirmation that you've read and understood The Basics.