Boring But Important - INSURANCE

As you'll know from the JOIN THE FRIDAYS page, you need to be a member of the Fridays AND you need to have third party liability insurance to come along on our group cycling events, whether it be our flagship Friday Night Ride to the Coast rides or our multi-day Tours.

This page is about the INSURANCE.


To join our rides, you must have third party liability insurance cover through membership of one of the following cycling organisations:
  • Cycling UK ("CUK" -- preferred, as The Fridays is a CUK Affiliate Group)
  • British Cycling
  • London Cycling Campaign
These three organisations provide third party liability coverage to their members that is roughly equivalent to each other, suitable for social (non-competitive) group rides, and we know what to expect from them in terms of the coverage and claims processes. There are of course other organisations that provide third party cover but we are not in a position to go through members' policies to see if they have what's needed. So you must have cover through one of the above 3 please.

First Timers

Our own Affiliate Group insurance through Cycling UK enables us to offer a very limited "try before you buy" option: You may come along on your FIRST (one, and one only) FNRttC with no third party insurance cover of your own, and be covered by ours. After that first ride, you must obtain insurance coverage of your own by taking out membership with one of the above three cycling organisations.

(You must still pay your £2 Fridays sub to join your first ride, regardless of insurance status.)

Fridays Affiliate Membership of Cycling UK

We have recently received clarification regarding CUK's third party cover as provided to those with Affiliate Membership linked to The Fridays:

Your CUK Affiliate membership is linked to, and is dependent on, your membership of The Fridays.

This means:
  • Until you pay your Fridays subs each year, your CUK membership is not valid or in force.
  • Bear in mind that your renewal dates with CUK and The Fridays may be different. Please check and make sure there is no gap, i.e. if your CUK cover has renewed but you have not yet paid your Fridays subs. (Those with automatic renewal with both CUK and The Fridays i.e. via PayPal or Standing Order should be okay, as there will be no gap.)
  • You may not be covered on non-Fridays rides. (This may affect anyone who wishes to have -- and may believe they have -- coverage for other group rides. Do contact CUK Membership Services or read your policy documents if you're unsure whether the riding you do is covered.)
In practice, CUK is not going to police whether your membership with them and your membership with us are both in force at any given time. But if you try to claim benefits under your CUK Affiliate membership and if we are unable to confirm that you are a current paid up member of The Fridays, then you may be caught out and find you do not have the level of cover you thought you had, or indeed (worst case scenario) any cover at all.

(Please note the above does not apply to those with FULL membership of CUK. We still require you to pay your Fridays subs, but your CUK membership is separate from that and is not affected if you haven't renewed with us.)

Insurance requirements apply to everyone to everyone's benefit. Those congenial companions you chat to all the way to the coast will be taking it for granted that you have the appropriate insurance cover in place. They have done the same for you.

Hopefully you already have the required insurance coverage in place. If not or if you're unsure, take a few minutes now to sort it out.

Any questions, do feel free to contact us on
BEFORE you sign up for your next FNRttC. 

Don't Leave It Too Late To Ensure You Are Covered

Then relax and enjoy the ride.

Please note: This article is about third party liability insurance as required for anyone on our rides. Such policies cover you if you cause damage/injury to someone else or their property, whether a fellow rider or member of the public.

Other types of insurance you may wish to consider taking out, in addition to third party liability cover, are outlined HERE.