2016: October 14 - FNRttC London to Cambridge

And finally……………..the last official FNRttC of the year. Except the “C” doesn’t mean the coast, as we’re heading inland, for that mecca of cycling, Cambridge. But it’s still a FNRttC!

We’ll be leaving Hyde Park Corner at midnight, heading for unknown territory through the badlands of Walthamstow to leave the bright lights of the metropolis behind to then enjoy the darkness of Epping Forest, where we might spot some deer, before crossing the M25 and then through the villages of Essex with quaint names like High Laver. Night time aficionados might suddenly think that sounds like the DunRun route and you might be right for a bit, until we veer off to then arrive at our half way spot, the beacon of light that is Stansted Airport.

Suitably refreshed we escape back into the dark, to then track northwards, skirting alongside the M11 in places, going past a palace which you could have bought for £5, and then following the River Cam (hopefully not overflowing), to then drop onto the Cambridge Busway (which I can assure you is so much better than the Luton one), going past the station and into the city centre for breakfast.

About 66 miles in total, and it’s not a particularly hilly ride, with no gradients more than 5%. And of course, on average, it’s flat.

Bear in mind we’re now past the autumn equinox, so make sure you’ve got lights and (charged) batteries to keep you illuminated for at least 7 hours. It’s likely to be chilly, so ensure you’ve got several layers.

Trains back from Cambridge to London run every 10-15 minutes and cost from £6 in advance (before Railcard discount) compared with £16.50 on the day, and go to Liverpool Street and Kings Cross taking between 49 minutes and 1 hour 23 minutes depending upon train/route. Trains to other parts of the country are also available.

The sign-up form can be found here.

Ride Leader: Adam