2016: August 5 - FNRttC Manchester to Morecambe

© Arthur Cornwell 2014.

We leave from Albert Square in front of Manchester Town Hall and head out of town up Bury Old Road for the long gradual drag to Whitefield. After we pass through the good natured night-life in Bury, there is a re-grouping stop before the climb up through Tottington. This is a time to prepare for the hills to come and for some of us to remember.

Following Tottington, we negotiate some steep dips before we climb from Edgworth onto the West Pennine Moors where we top out at 350m, the highest point on any of the FNRttCs. We are repaid for our early efforts by the long, flowing descent towards Blackburn and the half-way stop at, sadly, a 24 hour McDonalds.

After a brief spell of suburbia, we descend again before climbing out of the Ribble Valley to Longridge for the laney ride to Lancaster. 

From there, it's a short hop on an excellent bike path to the wonders of Morecambe.

After breakfast, we return to Lancaster for trains to home.

Distance: 65 miles

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Ride Leader:  Andrew Brennan

Here's a map of central Manchester showing the Town Hall (ride start point) and main train stations: