Tail End Charlies

So you want to be a Tail End Charlie ('TEC')?

Tail End Charlies are the stuff that the ride is made of. 
Without them there would be no FNRttC.

The TECs are a team. The team will be four or five strong and consist of:

  • the mechanics - the people who rip the wheel from the bike, strip off the tyre, and put the new tyre on. The people who put the chain back on.

  • the person that does - getting out a new inner tube, sorting the pump, rolling up the old innertube and helping the cyclist back on to the road.

  • the Chef d'Affaires (aka 'the All-Up (Wo)man') - the person who phones the front of the ride, sends a TEC forward to tell the Wayfinders there will be a delay, and calls 'all-up' at all the junctions and stops.

The TECs encourage, advise and inform. They look out for riders that are struggling. They form a shelter for the slowest when the wind turns nasty. And they're the last to get their breakfast.

TECs have to be quick thinking, and quick-ish on the bike, and they have to be able to work as part of a team.

If you'd like a crack at it please e-mail the ride leader (after you've registered) or have a word before the start of a ride. Eternal gratitude awaits.

TEC at work. Photo Credit: swarm_catcher 2012.