Night Riding

Even in summer, it can get cold when we get into the country. So wear layers and take a waterproof top and gloves.

Check your bike.

Take particular notice of your gears and brakes and replace any frayed cables or worn brake blocks.

If you have Di2 gears ensure your batteries are fully charged.

Check your tyres and remove any flints, grit and glass that may be embedded in them. If you have any larger cuts or splits then replace the tyres.

Check your chain, and if it's got a twisted link, replace it.

Make sure none of your spokes are loose or broken.

If in any doubt have your bike checked by a professional.

Is your bike suitable for a FNRttC? Read this.

Things to bring

A couple of spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump. (If your wheels take a tube size other than 700c x 23-28, the Tail End Charlies probably won't have your size amongst his spares so do bring your own.)

A lightweight lock.


Some of the route will be on dark lanes, so you will need a good front light.

You will be riding in a large group and riders behind you will be dazzled if your rear lights are not set up correctly. Make sure they are not pointing upwards, preferably these should be angled downwards.

Make sure you have new or fully charged batteries.

Wondering which lights might be suitable for a FNRttC? Check out what members of The Fridays use.