The Wayfinders

Energy to burn? Consumed by a love of your fellow cyclists? Want an unrivalled view of the ride? 

Then Wayfinding's for you!

On your first FNRttC, you'll see cyclists at left and right turns pointing the way. That's not just a happy accident. This jolly band of women and men are the Wayfinders. They go to the front of the ride, take a junction, point the way, wait for the Tail End Charlies to come by and shout 'all-up', and then scoot to the front again. Experienced FNRttCers can do three, four or five junctions in a ride, or they may take a while to offer advice or encouragement to riders who are struggling.

You don't have to be superfit - one or two turns is helpful particularly when we're going through towns and passing junctions every minute or so. You do have to wait around, though, so it's best to be well wrapped up if the night is cold.

So... if your idea of a fun night out is hanging around on street corners, make yourself known to the ride leader at the beginning of the ride and gain the satisfaction of helping your companions keep on the right road.